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Key Lime Pie Protein Shake

Low calorie protein shake for recovery and snacking
Key Lime Pie Protein Shake

💡 Good for: Low activity days, weight management snacks, low fuel recovery shake

😀 Serves 1

🕰 5 minutes

Protein: High

Fuel: Low

Fats: Low


▪️ 175 grams of low-fat/fat free cottage cheese

▪️ 1 tablespoon of vanilla protein powder

▪️ 1 lime, juiced

▪️ 5-10 ice cubes

▪️ 175 millilitres of water

▪️ 3 packets of stevia sweetener

▪️ A handful of spinach


▪️ ½ teaspoon of xanthan gum


Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend until the shake reaches

your desired consistency.

If it is too thick add water and if it is too thin add a few more ice cubes to the mixture.

Alernatively, to give your shake a thick and luxurious texture add xanthan gum,

which can be found in the gluten free section of most supermarkets.

Spinach is a healthy alternative to green food colouring and will give your

‘milkshake’ the green colour of a real key lime pie with added nutrients.

Begin making the sauce by whisking together tamarind, peanut butter, honey, sesame oil ginger paste and water in a small bowl. If the sauce is too thick simply add a splash more water to the mixture. Once it reaches your desired consistency


▪️Kcal 180

▪️Pro 36

▪️Cho 7

▪️Fats 0

▪️Fibre 0


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