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Corporate Professional and Road Cyclist (Male)

Road cyclist
Corporate Professional and Road Cyclist (Male)


Flagship package: 12-week VIP development and support process with pre and post-physiological testing.  

Client Introduction

A banking director who travels to multiple countries a month for his occupation. The individual was also avid road cyclist partaking in single and multi-day events. Integrating nutrition strategies into family time, daily life, and while travelling efficiently to support overall health, weight management/body composition, longevity and performance was essential. 

Client Goals

Improve nutrition, sports nutrition and longevity knowledge; improve self-sufficiency, and application of strategies in a flexible manner that integrates easily into daily life. To still enjoy social occasions and holidays while maintaining results. To reduce body fat to support health and increase power-to-weight ratio for cycling hobby. 

To also enhance general energy, recovery, well-being, longevity, and day-to-day (and) cycling performance. To navigate the tricky tightrope and maintain or improve cycling performance in a calorie deficit. To fuel and meet the ever-changing daily demands of a hectic corporate lifestyle and endurance sport to prevent fat gain during less intense times and achieve optimal performance during demanding exercise and training periods.


Demanding schedule that is constantly shifting, various daily demands, lots of international travel through varying timezones, maintaining performance during a calorie deficit.

Service Breakdown

Flagship package: 12-week VIP development and support process with pre and post-physiological testing. 

  • Complete nutrition, sports nutrition and lifestyle support.

  • Weekly check-ins, and daily contact support as needed).

  • 12-week bespoke training programme and support from NLC Consultant.

  • Support provided around the cycling coach’s programme. 

  • 2 x physiological assessment sessions.

  • Access all resources.



  • 12 weeks of full nutrition and sports nutrition support, including weekly check-in's for knowledge development in all required areas, daily support via private personal app for feedback, answering questions and monitoring any technology the individual uses (smart watch, Strava, Training Peaks etc.).

  • Educational topics were covered weekly with daily “as and when needed” support to provide feedback and input. Reference plans were provided bespoke to the client, who could use any methods which would work best for him, portions of foods, calories, macronutrients when throughout the day and week and what that looks like in realist terms.

  • Examples of topics covered for general health and performance that were integrated into daily life to build self-sufficiency and long-term habitual change:

Education around

  • Nutrition and sports nutrition fundamentals.

  • Nutrition for Longevity.

  • Protein importance: intake, types and targets (portions, measures of both)

  • Carbohydrates: fuelling for the work required (portions or measured targets)

  • Dietary quality: importance, types of nutrients (portions or measures)

  • Hydration needs, strategies and monitoring.

  • Weight management manipulation, energy density & satiety

  • Recovery strategies from general exercise or demanding sessions.

  • Intra-fuelling and hydration for exercise, training and competition.

  • Nutrition for travel.

  • Competition nutrition.

  • Supplements and safe supplementation.

  • Nutrition in hot and cold environments


  • Weekly example reference plans integrated into the weekly schedule.

  • Infographics and snap-shot resources to support any topics discussed.

  • Multiple optional use high-performance recipe books.

  • 35 Restaurant guides to choose the options that align with individual goals.

  • Access to private apps.


  • Significant reductions in body fat percentage and absolute fatt mass.

  • Significant increases in lean mass percentage and absolute lean mass.

  • Increased VO2 max.

  • Increased cycling performance across the board in all time-ranged tests.

  • Maintained resting metabolism (expected for mass)

  • Improved hydration.

  • Meeting key nutritional targets for given goals and demands (daily and long term)

  • Improved subjective energy, mood, recovery, and sleep quality levels, an consistently in a good position.

  • Self-sufficient in all areas of education and application.


  • Best performance in an event to date.

  • Personal record time completion.

  • PB's in all sections of the race.

Feedback message after event

  • We did it in record time. Fantastic day! Thank you for everything Neil. This is my best ride ever to date.

Continued support for the next 6 months.

See graphs for selection of data extracted from results.

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