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Weight Management to Elite Performance

Nutrition & Performance Support

Elite athletes can make subtle sports nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve performance, maintain health and keep a positive relationship with food – all of which will aid winning performance, sustain a longer career and maintain good health. 

The person can achieve long-term success without extremes or avoiding social activities using small habitual changes that accumulate to a significant impact on health, well-being, longevity and performance. 

To build knowledge of what works for you, to become self-sufficient and develop positive habits to improve health and quality of life is one small change away at a time.


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Take control of your nutrition

Primary Services

Nutrition & Weight management support London

Wellbeing & Weight Management

The group who may gain the most life-changing benefits from nutrition, health and performance support - learn what, why, when, and how to achieve sustainable results and a better quality (and performing) way of life.

We analyse lifestyle, nutrition, activity, stress, sleep, energy, and more to reveal personal barriers, increase your knowledge and positive habits, and develop an effective action plan.

Elite Performance and sports Nutrition London

Elite Performance

Indispensable comprehensive support to break new barriers, solve problems or sustain a longer career. Working alongside your support team (if applicable), receive expert input for complex situations to support optimal performance.

Typical sports nutrition strategies may optimise recovery, fuelling, hydration, sleep, body composition, focus or reduce adverse outcomes such as deficiencies in energy or nutrients, fatigue, illness, injury and digestive issues to perform at your best. 

Corporate health and nutrition support

Health and performance adapted to the busiest professional to function your best 24 hours a day.

Focus on the areas that significantly impact your goals with the least stress to enhance habits, performance, health and longevity. Integrate realistic strategies in your daily life to improve energy, sleep, focus, mood and weight management without extremes.

Nutrition Injury Support and Rehabilitation

Nutrition support to facilitate tissue-specific healing and the return to function or sport in a timely manner.

Assess factors that may enhance injury risk and create recommendations based on your current goals and context to minimise deregulation, support healing and the return to sport—ideal for frequent injuries, recent injuries and pre/post musculoskeletal surgery.

How You Can Effectively Change Your Nutrition, Health and High-Performance in 12 Weeks

Take control with our goal-orientated bespoke process and expert consultant at your fingertips to support your individual goals, preferences and demands of daily life. Together, create your development process, remove barriers and efficiently integrate meaningful changes to minimise stress and reach the goals important to you. We optimise your nutrition, performance, and wellbeing and build self-sufficiency for your continued future success.

Analysis of nutrition, sports nutrition, health and performance London
Analysis of your Needs

Where we set up your profile in our private hub and learn what makes you tick, your history, preferences, current knowledge base, goals and barriers to reaching them via our comprehensive screening process.

Optional & Relevant
Physiological Assessments

Metabolic testing provides an indispensable window to inform bespoke and individual nutrition, lifestyle, wellbeing, longevity and performance recommendations.

Resting Metabolic rate analysis londoned Physioloigcal Assessments
Metabolic testing and physiological assessments data London clinic
Analysis of your Unique Information & Needs

We find the areas that can be improved relative to your goals and what will make the biggest impact, in the most efficient way with the least stress for longterm sustainable change

Primary Support &
Development Framework

A mix of daily support (via private software, phone, email) and appointments (phone, video or 1-2-1) where we apply gradual changes in the correct areas that maximise efficiency, minimise stress and accumulate to a significant (and sustainable) impact towards your desired goals around the demands of your daily life.

Areas of focus can be nutrition for health or sports nutrition for elite performance, stress, sleep, recovery, energy, mood, immunity, activity fitness, habits and more.

Remote Nutrition and sports nutrition Support London
Sports nutrition and performance nutrition outcomes, london

You will have reached your goals or be on track with the correct tools to achieve your long-term goals. You will have positive habits, new knowledge, strategies and effective processes to maximise performance and well-being; you'll know what does and does not work and what, why, when and how to adapt strategies for continued success and self-sufficiency.

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