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Advanced Physiological and Metabolic Testing
Resting metabolic rate analysis

Reveal your unique health and performance information

Advanced Physiological Assessments

"Assess, don't guess" regarding your nutrition, health and performance with our individual assessments or pre-designed packages .

We are all unique; our metabolic rates (thus the amount of food we need for our goals), nutritional deficiencies and dietary intake, body composition, engine size and engine efficiency, daily stress and demands vary between people and these differences can have a significant impact on individual health and performance.

Our individual assessments and pre-designed packages assess important markers for your goals, provide an indispensable window to reveal your unique information, guide recommendations, and monitor progress that is compared to relevant health, longevity and performance targets.

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A window into your unique needs

Assessments We Offer
Resting Metabolic Rate analysis  for nutrition, health and sport at london clinic

Resting Metabolic Rate

Assess the speed of your metabolism and needs for your weight management and performance goals

Vo2 Max testing london for nutrition, health and sport at london clinic

VO2 Max

Assess cardiovascular fitness for health, longevity and performance insights and recommendations

Lactate Threshold analysis London

Lactate Threshold (Full Profile)

Assess metabolic efficiency via ramp test to inform health and performance recommendations

Anthropometric Profile bodyfat and body composition analysis  for nutrition, health and sport at london clinic

ISAK Anthropometric Profile

Assess your body composition to inform health, weight management and performance goals. 

BIA/BIS Body Composition Scan

Assess body fat, lean mass and water compartments to inform practice and monitor progress.

Blood Analysis test for nutrition deficincies london clinic

Blood Markers

Screen for deficiencies that may impact wellbeing and performance.

Hydration Analysis for nutrition, health and sport at london clinic

Specific Gravity Hydration Analysis

Assess hydration status to gain health and performance insights and recommendations.

HRV Lifestyle stress and activity Analysis London Metabolic Clinic

HRV Lifestyle Analysis

Currently unavailable: Wearable tech to monitor stress, sleep, recovery and activity load

Lactate Threshold analysis London

Nutrition: Comprehensive Dietary Analysis & Report

3 or 7-day analysis of energy, micro and macronutrient intake via state-of-the-art nutrition software

Grip Strength

Health, wellbeing and longevity marker.

Professional Footballer

"Since working with Neil I have made big improvements to my nutrition and fuelling. I've already gained 2.5kg of mass while maintaining performance, reducing body fat and still improving during the season. I feel great and my performance is at its best, for the first time in my life I feel like I am gaining off the pitch."

Joshua Martin - Professional Footballer, Norwich City

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