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What do our clients say about us?

We support many people from different backgrounds to improve general health, weight management, longevity and elite performance.


See what a select few of our clientele have to say.

Image by Jenny Hill
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 12-15-20 JOSHUA SAUL MARTIN (_josh14martin) • Instagram photos an

Joshua Martin

Professional Footballer

Norwich City

"Since working with Neil I have made big improvements to my nutrition and fuelling. I've already gained 2.5kg of mass while maintaining performance, reducing body fat and still improving during the season. I feel great and my performance is at its best, for the first time in my life I feel like I am gaining off the pitch."

Graham N

After competing at the world championships, I realised I needed to lose around 10kg of weight to meet the profile of world-level figure skaters and progress forward. I previously worked with Neil, and he assured me we could do it in a sensible, strategic manner. I lost the 10kg within 12 weeks of working with Neil. My fitness has since increased hugely and I am looking forward to next season's competitions


Andre Portelli

Corporate (Initial Case Study)

Health, Fat Loss, Clycling Performance

I wanted a more targeted approach to my nutrition to improve my overall health, fitness and cycling performance. I started working with Neil and the team, while working with my cycling coach exactly a year, and the results have been nothing short of transformative. At this point, I have reduced body weight by about 10kg, reduced body fat by 12kg, increased lean mass, and significantly improved performance in daily life and on the road in a sustainable and healthy manner. I now feel great doing multi-day events and the consultants at my yearly health check were extremely impressed. I continue to work with Neil and cannot recommend him enough.

Coporate and executive health Nutritionist London Clinic

"Working with Neil has been life changing, his knowledge and experience are second to none, I always know what is expected and how to progress. I have lost 30 lbs so far, but more importantly, Neil equipped me to continue autonomously; the investment in his services is absolutely worth it. He helped change habits and create a new, healthy sustainable lifestyle. His approach is perfect for me, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to make sustainable changes for the better."

GB athletics Sports nutritionis at London Clinict

Working with Neil has enhanced my understanding of food for health and performance. The focus on other areas, such as habits, environment and easy-to-apply strategies, was a game changer.

Elite squash sports nutritionist at London Clinic

"Neil helped improve the fundamentals of my nutrition for health, recovery, fuelling, and travel to improve my performance playing squash. This tailored process helped me feel more healthy and energised with with better recovery within days."

Hasika Corporate thumbnail.JPG

Samantha Murrell

General Wellbeing

Fat Loss, Weight Management, Lifestyle

I was feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to lose body fat in a safe way that wouldn’t lead me back to old habits of restricting and feeling guilty/obsessed about food. I wasn’t sure exactly where to get this, as I’ve had so many bad experiences with misinformation. I found Neil after an intense training period when I was the fittest I’d been in a long time but also the heaviest weight I’d ever been and felt completely depleted. Working with Neil, he educated me on how to fuel my body properly as someone who isn’t an elite or high-performance athlete. We worked progressively and built upon the knowledge week on week and in easily implementable steps. This process provided me with the knowledge to make daily decisions about the foods I ate in alignment with the goals I had set. But also set me up for carrying this knowledge into my life after working together. I wasn’t after a quick fix, but I also didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Neil has given me the tools I needed for my initial fat loss goal whilst maintaining and even building muscle at the same time. I also have the tools for returning to maintenance and continuing to fuel my body correctly in training and life. Neil is personable, friendly and is very supportive.

Coporate and executive health Nutritionist London Clinic

Tom Cahalan

Corporate CEO

Fat Loss & Performanmce

Working with Neil and the team has been a life-changing experience. His focus on small, incremental changes that turn into massive improvements makes the process simple and highly effective. The implementation is brilliant, as it becomes an educational piece where you're given time each week to find what works well for you and how to use the latest knowledge. Each week, we would catch up, discuss different topics around health and performance and implement it. Neil was always willing to give advice throughout the week whenever needed. At the end of it, I am far better educated and in a great position to be self-sufficient at improving my performance, maintaining a much better diet and understanding how to achieve my goals.

Elite Triathlete sports nutritionist at our London Clinic

Morgan Rhodes


World Championship Competitor

"I suffered from GI distress during training and competitions for two years which consistently caused me not to finish. The first months Neil applied progressive changes and the symptoms showed a consistent improvement allowing me to complete tough sessions and get the most out of training. My symptoms improved so much we were able to then focus on my nutritional requirements to maximise performance while controlling symptoms to gain vital seconds, get the most out of my training and tap into my full potential as an elite athlete."

DR R Chatterjee sports medicine consultant neil livemore consulting London Clinic

Dr R Chatterjee

Sports Medicine Consultant

BASEM Secretary

"I've worked with Neil at West Ham United. He has great knowledge of performance nutrition and is very approachable when I need his help. He has a good rapport with players, therefore ensuring compliance regarding nutritional advice given to them."

Powerlifting sports nutritionist at London Clinic

Grace Stilgoe


Worlds Competitor & West European Champion

I highly recommend Neil for all things nutrition. I compete at the European level in Powerlifting and have sought Neil's guidance over the years on weight management, lean weight gain, weight making, nutrition for power events, recovery, injury and performance. Neil takes a science-based approach to his work and appreciates no two clients are the same.

Tye Leo-Stroud Sprinter

Tye Leo-Stroud

Pro Sprinter

Commonwealth Games Competitor

After competing at the Commonwealth Games, I wanted to mitigate recurring injuries. Initially, Neil and the team helped me prioritise my health by understanding the appropriate fuelling techniques and developing habits that would lead to greater longevity. We would then collaborate again to add substantial weight to my frame. This saw me successfully gain 2.7kg of muscle mass over a 3-month period and a total of 6.6kg over the year. I feel vastly more confident in my athletic ability and have shaved significant time off my personal record.
I am immensely grateful for Neil's guidance and would strongly recommend Neil Livemore Consulting!

Neil Mason.jpg

Neil Mason

Elite Adolescent Athlete

Professional Football

Neil provided my Son with a nutritional overview, plan of action and support package which has been exceptional. He is always available to answer any questions that we have and his level of knowledge and expertise is extremely high. Working in elite sport myself as a physiotherapist, having Neil's experience and nutritional service has been invaluable.

Coporate and executive health Nutritionist London Clinic

Nigel Henry

Corporate CEO

Fat Loss, Health & Performance

Super interesting and hugely beneficial to me. Neil's education has support has helped me enormously, not just in my sport but also in my everyday well-being. Rather than being told what to do and then lost at the end of a course, Neil pushing me to understand more, I now have the basics to take me forward without relying on Neil.
My energy levels are up, and my correct weight has been maintained for some time.

Thank you Neil and team!

I highly recommend Neil Livemore Consulting.

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