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World Level Figure Skater (Mass Reduction Phase)

Road cyclist
World Level Figure Skater (Mass Reduction Phase)


12-week light support / contact, check-ins and body composition assessments (after development support).

Client Introduction

An elite world-level figure skater with a good base in fundamental nutrition needed to lose 10kg of mass during the off-season to compete at an ideal weight and body composition profile at the highest level. The reduction would come from muscle and fat due to the athlete's already low body fat levels.

Client Goals

To reduce 10kg of overall body mass during the off-season to enhance performance at an elite level and minimise detraining. 

Due to the nature of weight loss and already lower body fat, weight reduction would be from fat and a planned portion of muscle mass. It was vital to ensure the athlete was approaching the process in a healthy manner, within healthy ranges, and with a sensible thought process, with key goals of improving performance, maintaining muscle fitness and preserving bone, tendon and ligament health. A key focus was to ensure results come as efficiently as possible and subjective markers such as energy, hunger, mood, and sleep quality stay in a good position. An important goal was the rigid timeline and to complete the process within 12 weeks during the off-season window.


To ensure bodyfat and muscle reduces within ideal targets over a short, allotted time frame of the off-season window. To also minimise the risk of deficiencies and maintain tendon, ligament and bone integrity while in a fat and lean tissue reduction phase.

Service Breakdown

Initial in-season development support: 12-week

(Silver package) lifestyle, development and support process plus initial physiological testing.

  • Comprehensive physiological assessments.

  • Complete performance nutrition and lifestyle support (check-ins and daily contact as needed)

  • Strength conditioning programming from NLC Consultant

Off season mass reduction phase: 12-week 

12-week light support / contact, check-ins and body composition assessments (after development support)


Support was modified to include a customised 12-week light support during off-season with monthly check-ins for review, education and strategy development. Body composition assessments were integrated monthly to review progress and inform recommendations.

Recommendations on nutritional intake consisted of evolving daily guidelines to reach desired goals in line with off-season and pre-season demands. Guidelines were provided to reduce overall body weight, body fat and some muscle mass.

The nutrition approach followed the same process as initially taken in the past with a flexible food first focus on high quality whole foods that aligned to the athlete’s preference.

Relevant educational topics were covered to ensure the athlete was confident in the process with light support and monthly check-ins to provide feedback and input.


Progressed towards:

  • Manipulating body composition, muscle mass, and body weight.

  • Difference between acute weight-making and long-term mass change.

  • How the body responds to calorie restriction, and the difference when targeting muscle and fat loss reduction.

  • Minimising risk of micronutrient deficiency.

  • Nutrition to support performance during pre-season training on an energy deficit.

  • Nutrition to support sleep.

  • Nutrition to maintain important lean tissue during body fat and muscle mass reduction.

  • Nutrition for satiety.

  • How to maintain results once goals are achieved.


All resources provided previously through initial nutrition education and support process.

  • Weekly example reference plan integrated into the weekly schedule.

  • Infographics and snap-shot resources to support any topics discussed.

  • Multiple optional use high-performance recipe books.

  • 35 Restaurant guides to choose the options that align with individual goals.

  • Access to private apps.

  • Access to clinic assessments.

  • Access to daily support.


As planned, the athlete reached the total 10kg body mass loss during the final twelfth week.

  • Target 10kg body mass reduction achieved within the allotted timeframe.

  • Significant decreases in body mass.

  • Significant reductions in body fat.

  • Planned reduction in lean mass.

  • First quad spin performed in a year.

  • Maintained ideal body mass following goals achieved.

  • Started the new season with goals achieved.

  • Adjusted to new post-process nutrition needs at new body mass and composition to maintain achieved goals.

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