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Advanced Nutritional Analysis

Advanced Dietary Analysis (2 of 7 Pages)

Advanced nutrition analysis.

Food is fuel and supports health and function. From fuel to aid health and maximise performance to micronutrients that play roles in such areas as energy metabolism, oxygen transportation, immune health, hormone synthesis and bone metabolism. To maximise efficiency and minimise the guesswork, we use various tools to optimise health, performance and build a genuinely bespoke process.

This can be:

Physiological (body composition, metabolism, metabolic fitness)

Biochemical (full blood count to assess nutritional deficiencies)

HRV (3-5-day assessments to monitor the demands of daily life (stress, activity, recovery, sleep, work stress, training demands)

Dietary analysis through food logs and analytical software.

Visual feedback through dietary photologs

The dietary analysis allows us to view the overall nutritional intake over a specific timeframe to assess the balance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre) essential for health and performance.

We can then compare the analysis to activity levels, training demands and goals to reveal barriers to your results and the areas to adjust to make the most significant sustainable impact.

Through imbalances in nutritional intake shown from advanced analysis, we can inform dietary choices to maximise wellbeing and sporting performance.

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