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Simple Hydration Monitoring

An infographic showing how to monitor hydration easily and effective using weight, urine and thirst. From Neil Livmeore Consulting sports nutrition clinic
Dehydration likelihood diagram

A simple tool for tracking hydration.

Good hydration is important for many roles within the body from general health:

  • Maintaining blood volume, removing waste products, immunity, nutrient transport, joint lubrication, organ function, temperature regulation.

To Performance:

  • Decision making, concentration, strength, power and high-intensity actions.

While we do provide advanced physiological assessments to assess direct hydration status. Most people don’t have access to these types of tools.

That means we’re huge fans of easy, time efficient, inexpensive and impactful methods that everyone can use to inform our current status.

A simple tool to monitor “probable” hydration status is the W.U.T method.

It tracks 3 markers:

  • W – Weight

  • U – Urine

  • T – Thirst

While one marker alone doesn’t mean much, two is a more probable sign of dehydration and 3 is very likely dehydrated.

Weight: Acuate daily weight change are likely to be adjustments in fuel stores, hydration or food in the digestive system.

Urine: Both dark urine colour, and less urine volume can be used to indicate hydration status alongside weight and thirst. The darker the urine colour, the more likely dehydrated.

Thirst: The absence of first doesn’t mean the absence of dehydration. However, thirst is a possible marker of dehydration and useful alongside changes in mass and urine colour/volume.

Everyone has varying needs unique and sweat rates. However, keeping a log of when you find yourself dehydrated will allow you to find patterns which may reveal certain circumstances that are more challenging to stay hydrated.


▪️Less liquids than usual.

▪️Hot weather.

▪️Prolonged activity

▪️Intense activity

▪️Difficulty to access liquids such as travelling without being prepared.

▪️Occupied/busy and forget

If you would like a free phone consultancy or find out more about our services to assess hydration please use the contact form below.


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