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Corporate, Wellbeing & Weight Management Support

Updated: Apr 10

Performance for everyone

Every person has unique demands of dailylife and specific needs to function their best.

We understand that everyone is unique, with unique demands, preferences, and barriers to achieving goals, and what works for one person may not work for others. We cut through the misinformation, problem solve and provide a clear pathway to integrate strategies into your daily lifestyle, environment and individual constraints for your long-term success.

For a corporate (or wellbeing goal orientated) person, some common goals may be to:

  • Reduce body fat and control weight management

  • Feel healthier

  • Improve focus & cognition

  • Improve general mood

  • Improve knowledge and habits

  • Improve relationship with food.

  • Successfully integrate strategies into daily life.

  • Reduce misinformation and gain clarity.

  • Reduce fatigue, improve energy, vitality and daily performance.

  • Improve nutritional quality

  • Fuelling for active people

  • Enhanced recovery for active people

  • Support immunity

  • Support sleep

  • Hydration for health and daily performance

  • Quality of life

  • Supplement advice

  • Lean mass health and retention (muscle, tendon, ligaments, bone)

  • Nutrition for different types of situations

    • (Workday, weekend. low activity days, active days, travel, social days)

However, people can find many challenges - do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Not sure where to start, need clarity and a clear individual plan.

  2. Too much conflicting information from different sources.

  3. Low energy, mood and sleep quality with high stress; and slow recovery for active people, and adding another focus feels like additional stress.

  4. Daily fluctuations in weight that don't make sense are frustrating.

  5. Goals work for a short time, then plateaus cause regression to previous position.

  6. Low activity levels and gradual unwanted weight gain with a demanding schedule.

  7. High-stress levels make it challenging to be consistent.

  8. Overly strict during the week, but relaxation/social time seems to undo progress.

  9. Complex strategies that are not sustainable.

  10. Time restrictions makes it challenging to integrate sustainable habits.

  11. Long-distance travel or working away impacts nutrition.

  12. Fatigue accumulation lowers motivation.

  13. Social events with clients and alcohol consumption make results difficult.

  14. Focussing on some things, but not getting results (focussing on the wrong things at the wrong time for your individual needs and goals at this point in time).

Our approach

We assess your unique needs.

To provide someone with the best-personalised support to reduce assumptions and maximise long-term success, we collect as much relevant information as possible.

Our initial analysis is comprehensive; we consider the individual factors of each person.

  • History

  • Goals

  • Personal barriers and challenges

  • Environment

  • Support network

  • Constraints

  • Preferences

  • What is most important?

  • What has and has not worked in the past?

  • Subjective markers (How you feel?)

  • Weekly schedule (how can we integrate changes into your week).

  • Active demands (exercise, activity, sports)

  • Detailed nutrition analysis

Nutriton analysis consultancy report for wellbeing and corporate athletes
Example nutrition analysis (Red = Flagged)

Optional advanced analysis (in clinic assessments): Our metabolic clinic provides advanced physiological assessments to reveal an extra window into your unique needs, flag anything needed for improvement, inform recommendations and monitor progress.

Wellbeing and performance assessments may include:

  • Body composition (fat mass, lean mass, BMI, BIAS, water compartments)

  • Anthropometric skin fold (assessment of body fat)

  • Resting metabolism: Reveal unique calorie needs.

  • VO2max: Assess cardiovascular capacity and fitness (correlates with life expectancy)

  • Hydration analysis (specific gravity) – monitor hydration status

  • Blood markers: Monitor progress

Physiological Assessments

Knowing is great, but how do we take action and achieve results?

Now that we have all the information, we reveal current barriers, problem solve and educate on "what, why, when and how" to achieve your individual goals efficiently.

We recommend, and then together, decide on the strategies that will have the most significant impact with the most efficiency and gradually blend them into your lifestyle, so they become second nature and feel a natural part of your daily life to maximise your chance of long-term success.

We use individual appointments to develop your habits, knowledge and strategies, review your progress, and progress towards your ideal goal.

Optional daily support allows you to have a consultant at your fingertips to maximise your chaces of success. Via our private portal you can upload images of specific meals for feedback and accountability, track progress and access our comprehensive resources.

Online hub for nutrition support for wellbeing and corporate athletes
A consultant at your fingertips

Resources: our library of resources includes:

  • Recipe books (standard, plant-based, smoothie).

  • Nutrition survival guides to well-known eateries.

  • Infographics on topics discussed.

  • Reference plan to show how strategies integrate into your day/week.

  • Apps to track progress, nutrition and activity.

If you feel we can help bring clairty and an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Arrange a free call at the bottom of this page to discuss your needs and possible ways we may help you achieve your goals.


"Working with Neil has been life changing, his knowledge and experience is second to none, I always know what is expected and how to progress. I have lost 30lbs so far but more importantly Neil equipped me to continue autonomously, the investment in his services are absolutely worth it. He helped change habits and create a new, healthy sustainable lifestyle. His approach is perfect for me, and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to make sustainable changes for the better."

H Budhia –

Corporate Wellness, Health, Weight Management


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