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Consultant Therapist & Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kirsten Wing

Kirsten Wing as a Musculoskeletal therapist with a special interest in athletic populations. She has experience and a passion work working holistically to manage various pathologies and associated pain alongside specialists. She is known for working towards ‘motion is lotion’.

Prior to working in research and academia, Kirsten worked and continues to work as a Sports Therapist both in private healthcare and in Elite Sport. She has enjoyed working international tours with athletes who continue to perform at the highest level of their sport.

She has won awards in research for her investigations and audits into medical provision at community level and player welfare which she believes should be at the heart of the game.

She currently working towards her PhD with Boing and Sport England that investigates methods to increase physical literacy and activity in youth through coach/teacher



AOC England Colleges Men’s Team Therapist

Gloucester Rugby Academy Sports Therapist

Aston Villa FC Development Centre: Gloucester: Head of Medical and Performance

West Bromwich Albion FC Academy Sports Therapist

Physio Help4You Resident Sports Therapist, Private Health Bristol

NM Sports Therapy Clinic Manager, Private Health Cheltenham

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