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Impact of Underfueling (High Vs Low Carb) on Distance Covered During Football Matches - Infographic

The impact of high vs low carbohydrate diet on distance covered in a football (soccer) game.

Two teams play each other twice (one week between games)

3.5 days before the first match:

  • Team A followed a high carbohydrate protocol (8g CHO per kg body mass (BM

  • Team B players followed a low CHO diet (3 g CHO per kg BM).

  • For match 2 (one week later) dietary protocols were reversed.

Every player covered a greater total distance using a high carb diet. Compared with the distance covered in a low carb diet (HC: 9,380 6 98 m vs. LC: 8,077 6 109 m; p , 0.01).

All distances covered from easy jogging to sprinting were also higher in High carb status compared with low carb (p , 0.01).


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