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About Neil Livemore Consulting

NLC provides nutrition, health & human performance solutions. 

Our support brings clarity to those who wish to enhance health, body composition, and performance.

Our expert team of consultants have extensive experience supporting both general populations and elite sport organisations at the highest level. We understand that everyone is unique, with unique daily demands, preferences, and barriers to achieving goals, and what works for one person may not work for others. 

Our metabolic lab provides advanced health and performance assessments to reveal a window into each person's unique physiology to inform recommendations. Our bespoke nutrition support provides answers, exposes current barriers, and educates on "what, why, when and how" to achieve results in a way that effortlessly integrates into daily life for self-sufficiency and long-term success.

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Our Services

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Nutrition &
Performance Support

Bespoke nutrition and sports nutrition support tailored to the person to enhance health, wellbeing, weight management or performance.

Advanced Metabolic Assessments and Testing London
Advanced Metabolic Assessments

Reveal unique information about your metabolism and "assess, don't guess" when it comes to your nutrition, health and performance.

Remote Nutrition Support London uk

Support via our conference room, software and phone app allows us to support you anytime, anywhere, for progress, feedback & accountability.

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"Since working with Neil I have made big improvements to my nutrition and fuelling. I've already gained 2.5kg of mass while reducing body fat and still improving during the season. I feel great and my performance is at its best, for the first time in my life I feel like I am gaining off the pitch."

Joshua Martin - Professional Footballer, Norwich City

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