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The three "R's" of recovery - general rule of thumb.

Manipulating feeding practices before, during and after exercise influences the interaction between exercise and stimulated metabolic responses - this can include the bone metabolic response to exercise or (potential) to modulate greater endurance adaptations and metabolic flexibility.

As a general rule of thumb, for the average person/athlete there are three standard "R's" of recovery - these consist of the following.

  • Rehydrate - replace fluids

  • Replenish - carbohydrates, replace fuel for recovery

  • Remodel - protein - ingest protein for repair

  • *Additional aids within the context of each person's needs - e.g. replace electrolytes lost from demanding training and exercise.

While advanced methods can be implemented for specific individuals at the correct time (in the correct amount and the correct context), solid consistant foundations facilitat greater improvements than advanced tweaks in the outset in the world of sports nutrition and human performance.


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